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Doing a refresh on a retail food package. The font in question was selected by another firm that's out of the loop on this job, and all we have are outline master files. Got some close matches on automated ID sites, but I haven't seen anything that has one of the distinctives that I'm seeing here: the slight upward angle of the center bar on the lower-case "e".

Thanks for taking a look!
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Found it: Phoreus Cherokee; available as part of Adobe's font collection.

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It looks annoyingly familiar, but no luck matching it yet.

This is for Ralston Family Farms rice packaging, yes? Do you know what year the packaging was designed, and who designed it?

A sample with letters about twice the size of what you posted also would be helpful....
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Wow - good call on the client! Do you know them, or just good Google skills?

This was done in the last couple of years by the in-house art team from a syndicated lifestyle personality that's been doing promotional work for them.

Re: sample "twice the size" - do you mean a larger, higher-res image, or more characters?
Arkansas isn't exactly known for its wheat, so it had to be another milled grain....

So, created by the in-house folks at P. Allen Smith.

Larger, higher-res images of the same type—what you posted is sufficient for variety of characters.
I've updated the images on the original post with more pixels.

We used Rockwell fairly extensively on some earlier print work for the Ralstons, and I think the PAS team may have keyed off of that. Rockwell is similar, but not really that close. We might go back with Rockwell for the update, but I'm curious to figure out what they used.
Thanks for the larger images. Unfortunately, I’m still not getting a match.

Someone else may be able to ID it for you....
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I second it.
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