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Font used in 1960s Budweiser ad logo, or similar 60s serif fonts

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Trying to figure out the font used as the logo on most 1960s Budweiser ads (googling '1960s Budweiser ads' will just yeild similar looking ads with the same logo), and since it wasnt the actual company logo i'm having trouble finding an isolated version to just tell me what the font is.

If not the actual font (i like the rotations on each character) something similar (and serifed) that you can think of would be a great help.

asked by JDW Jan 9, 2016

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Many of the headlines of this period were lettered by hand, but some used phototype from providers such as Filmotype and Photo-Lettering, Inc (Stephens Didot 8 is very similar). If it’s not lettering, this bobbling serif could be a modified phototype font. No digital matches but these are in the same vein:







“This calls for” appears to be a font, such as an italic Fat Face.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,343 points) Jan 10, 2016
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