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Type used on Marantz transformers in late 1970s

Marantz 2500 Transformer decal 2.jpg
Please note that I am looking for the text font, NOT the ‘Marantz’ font.

I suspect the font was a draughtman's font, rather than a typesetter's font. It is very similar to many fonts, but the cross and the A on the close ends of the C tell me that it's something just slightly out of the ordinary, but none of the public, web-based font finders have identified it. The identifiers have occasionally come up with somethings vaguely similar, but the devil is in the details, and none of the the finders have been able to separte that aspect. :-(


Thanks for any help you can provide. :-)


asked by Trevor Jan 17

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I think you are on the right track about it being a draughtman’s font—not finding a match either. Type on machinery (dials, instrument panels, even descriptive text) does not always correspond to type used for print.

An Extended weight of Neue Helvetica or Univers is about as close as I could get, but the crossbar of the E is too long on both and the R on each isn’t as squared-off.
answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,536 points) Jan 17
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I have decided to use Routed Gothic, because Planscibe NF is too thick for the label. It's not perfect, in that the R is not perfectly rendered, but it seems to be good enough with some tracking, width adjustment, etc.. (Please see second image, which I just changed with my attempts.)
Nice find, Trevor....