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STEINMAYR – Century-like predigital serif on a 1970ies racing bicycle

Hi there, dear type people. A friend of mine purchased a bike from the former racing biker »Wolfgang Steinmayr«. On the bike the name »STEINMAYR« was printed. But this type is almost completely corroded. The bike is from the early 1970ies, so the type is predigital.

Does anyone recognize the used original typeface? (The triangle-like middle serif of the »E« makes it difficult for me …)

Thank you for any help …



PS: My friend sent me some other images of it right now … ;)
asked by anonymous Feb 4

2 Answers

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The closest I can find in a digital font are Volta and Clarendon Wide.

Denim by T.26 and Boston 1851 Expanded are probably too distressed for your needs, but are also similar.



answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,536 points) Feb 4
Thank you for your effort. I found Clarendon, too. And also some similarities in Century Schoolbook. But none of all these have this triangle-like middle serif in the »E« …
People often assume that logotypes are straight settings of typefaces.

That is rarely the case.

Given the date of the logotype (early 1970s), it is quite possible that—although inspired by a typeface—it was mostly custom.
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Agree with Kevin that it's custom lettering. You might like Colt.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,400 points) Feb 9
Thank you all for your effort …