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im looking to find the name of the font used in the new netflix tv show "Camping". Please let me know if you know it and where i can download and find this font thank you!
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Sorry, not finding a match to the image above. It may be custom lettering.

Oddly enough, while your sample shows a script used in a number of promotional designs for the show, it is not the logo at the top of the show's official web page. That is a typeface, called Tomatoes (they clipped off part of the g).

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interesting. Do you have any insight as to other fonts that look similar to the image i shared above? i dont love the font of the show's official web page and would like to use one similar to the image above that they use in the actual show. thanks!

Campfire revised image

Above, I have tried to link to a positive version of the logo in which the letters have been separated. You can run it through or the WhatTheFont function at to identify typefaces that resemble it.

When I searched originally, I found a number of similars that were either more formal or more casual. Whether any would work for you, only you can decide.