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This font is used in a Saudian book I need to know if so that I can convert it to word from pdf
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If you have a PDF of the book, you can use the File > Properties menu option to bring up a dialogue window, then click on that window’s Fonts tab. That will display a list of all the typefaces used in the document.

If you have Acrobat Pro, you can access the Edit PDF tool, highlight a line of the text whose typeface you want to identify, and the typeface name will be displayed at the top of the sidebar at the right side of the document.
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Thanks for Replaying but it doesn't show anything.
Sorry, Anonymous, but they must have converted the type to outlines (no live type in the PDF).

Not being an Arabic speaker, it was the best advice I had to offer....
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Is There anything I can do to get it converted, as when I try to convert it, even with ReadIris 17 it converts it but it becomes weird.
If you've opened the PDF in Acrobat and neither of the techniques I've outlined above work, then I can only assume that the typeface was converted to outlines (artwork) in your file. Each character is now its own drawn element.

Since it is no longer live type, there is no text to convert.

If you click on my username, you should reach a dialogue that allows you to private message me. If we can arrange a way for you to send me the PDF (or a few pages of it), I might be able to offer more assistance.
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I Can't PM you as I'm an Unregistered user so here is a one-time Linkfor a PDF file.

According to the PDF, the typeface is AL-Mohanad. Do a Google search on the name to pick a download site.

Some people have had issues using it with Word 2013.

Sakkal Majalla is very similar.

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