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La Boulange is a bakery, the font looks amazingly close to Saloon Girl.

I wanted to know if anyone recognizes this font? I did some digging and found Saloon Girl to look very similar to this one. It might have been manipulated from this font. Though I am hoping theres another font that IS it, so I wouldn't have to edit round parts. Thanks for the help.
asked by duyyin (101 points) Jan 28, 2016
The is a 19th-century style (commonly known as Tuscan) that was available in metal and wood from many foundries with slight variation. While there are multiple digitial versions, it is likely that La Boulange modified it for their logo, as is quite common in identity design.

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Quadrille is very similar too! It's probably appeared in a number of different versions over the years.

answered by jamesmillner Expert (1,352 points) Jan 28, 2016