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Jamaica 80's fonts

Sans titre 3.jpg
Hello ! I am looking for help to find both of these fonts which were used to print titles on jamaican vinyl records during the 80's. Any help much appreciated. More images available

asked by Lo Feb 21
edited Feb 21

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The top style is similar to Optima, but it is actually Theme, available for the IBM Selectric Composer (a fancy typewriter). There is no digital version of the typeface, but you can find similar fonts in the Related Typefaces list on the page I linked. 

The Univers here is also likely IBM's version, which explains its odd letter widths.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,313 points) Feb 23
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»Delano Tucker« looks like Optima by Hermann Zapf. 

PRODUCTION (and everything below) seems to be Univers by Adrian Frutiger. 

(Don’t know »GATHER ISREALITES«, but could be a manipulated Optima)

answered by Schwalbenkoenig Expert (662 points) Feb 21

Many thanks for the Univers one it's ok for me !

For the other one the original one is still welcome, after some research it looks like a mix of

Ophian by fontsite

Columbia serial

Charpentier sans pro

Vera Humana 95