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Plan to discuss the distinguishing features of this serif typeface with students. I'd like to know the Classification as well.
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Out of curiosity, why discuss this one? I'd consider it a post-modern novelty but not really a typeface worthy of study.
I give them 3 typefaces with missing letters each semester. This semester we compared Caslon, Kabel, and this typeface. They analyze the existing letters and then attempt to render what they think the missing letters look like. The letters missing were e, g, k, r, s, t, x. Without those letters, there was little in the way of clues to go by and as a result made them aware of the unique anatomy of typefaces. It was easier to find clues in the other two, but even then, there are unique features to compare and discuss.
I see. I like that exercise, but I think it's more effective with a more professional, consistent design. This is a real wild card, perhaps for a more advanced class.

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Thank you. I thought it was Ange, but I couldn't find anything when I went back to search for it.