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It is just general instructions from Maruchan Ramen Cup Lid and I was trying to use Photoshop with same font to ask someone to prom.

I asked Maruchan and they responded. I just had an idea to ask someone to prom by photoshopping words onto the instructions of the lid and printing it out and replacing the original ramen lid. Then I can reseal the cup with like cellophane or plastic wrap and blow dry it out to make it realistic.

Thank you for contacting the Maruchan Consumer Affairs Department. We welcome this opportunity you have provided us to better understand your thoughts and opinions. The inquiry you submitted has been reviewed and it is our pleasure to assist you.


To answer your question you may write or print on our product lid as long as it does not deface our logo or branding in any way, it is not resold in any way shape or form and is only used for personal consumption.

Your interest in Maruchan is genuinely appreciated and we are grateful for your continued support. We thank you for taking the time to share your inquiry with us. Have a great time at Prom!





Maruchan Consumer Affairs
asked by Dyl Apr 4

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Various weights of Helvetica Condensed or its Bitstream Foundry version, Swiss 721 Condensed.

Obviously the Maruchan logo is custom typography, but if you need something similar try Baloo.

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