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Nice spur serif

Looking for this typeface that is used in the words 'Great Outdoor Adventure.'  Doesn't look handrawn, as the T, E & R are consistent.

Thank you!
asked by das (105 points) Feb 5, 2016

1 Answer

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I spent a fair amount of time searching for this style which looks like late 19th or early 20th century. The most similar font I found was Griffon from Flat-It, but the G is not very similar to this very odd one. Quimby had a closer G, but the rest of the font was not as close as Griffon. I looked through many of my type books, trying to match the style, but didn't see it. It's always possible that this was customized from another font, or a new design made to look old.

- Mike Yanega

answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Jun 10, 2016