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Loopy script 'M' from 1950s Merit Coil & Transformer Corp. box

Curious if there's a script out there with an 'M' like the one seen here in the word "Merit".
asked by Alex Aug 4, 2015
edited by Stewf Aug 4, 2015

Tell us more about your goals. Are you looking for a font which has similar loopy qualities, or are you wanting to use this style of ‘M’ on something new? If it’s the latter, you’re better off hiring a lettering artist to get exactly the look you need.

Hey there, I was interested in a font that might have similar loopy qualities to this one, thanks though for the reference link to lettering artists as well, I might look into that as well : )

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As I said my comment, I recommend hiring a lettering artist to get this look. If you must use a font, here are some with loopy strokes, especially on the ‘M’:


Flirt Script



answered by Stewf Expert (3,413 points) Aug 8, 2015