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Quinta do Bom Dia_Rótulo.jpg
Hello all,
I’m working on a port wine branding project, and while doing some research, i came across this old wine label.

Can anyone identify the typefaces used here?

Thanks a lot!
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Great find! That small lower bowl on the ‘B’ gives it away as Grotesca Radio, recently revived by Marta Sánchez Marco as Radar.

The “No 1497” is likely not conventional metal type but rather a numbering device. PSY/OPS’s free Crash Numbering is a good digital rendition of this.

The smallest text is likely Copperplate Gothic or one of the European copies thereof.

If you don't mind, please give me more info about the label so I can add it to Fonts In Use!

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Thanks a lot Stewf! That information will be really helpfull.

Quinta do Bom Dia --- dating back to 1846, presumably --- is one of many estates privately owned by the Vieira de Sousa family for 5 generations. (

The image belongs to the family archive. If you need any more info, just say it. Again, thank you very much.




ps - how can i send you the original image?

Calabaça, please create an account at Fonts In Use and submit it there, along with an image of the bottle if you have it.