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PlayStation magazine logo and cover script

Help me find font of "PlayStation" and "A Thieft's End"
asked by William Apr 15
edited by Stewf Apr 24

1 Answer

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PlayStation is a custom logotype.

Zrnic by Typodermic was inspired by an earlier version of the logo.

As for A Thief's End, I suspect it is a customization of Arcana.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,466 points) Apr 15
edited by kthomps5 Apr 15
but some word just dosent seem is Zrnic. As example small cap "a" is different. So is it combine with other words?
Please reread the first line of my first post—PlayStation is a CUSTOM LOGOTYPE.

It does not match a typeface you can buy or download.

Zrnic, based on an older version of the logotype, is the closest digital typeface I could find (and I searched on four major type databases).