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album cover, Waikiki! island tribal triangle 2-tone fill, pointy letter bases and tops

Letters have base and tops on A, I, K. W has only tops. Base and tops are triangles and inverted triangles, so pointy.
asked by JLouise Earl May 10

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The album came out in 1957—Waikiki is lettering, not a typeface.

The general style is sometimes referred to as Bounce or Jazz Latin. Similar digital typefaces (to greater and lesser degrees):

P22 Daddy-O Blackface

Western Egg & Avenue

House Industries Latino

Eddie Fisher Bold


Crazy Loot

Horsefeathers Bold


Stand Up JLN

Risque Pro

Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Dark

MardiPary AOE


Able Press

Harry Plotter

Perfect Magic

MVB Hotsy Totsy




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