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Typeface seems to be in use largely by art director Sib Chalawick in his album covers.



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Mmh, the words are not exactly harmonious, see e.g. pointed M vs. round-top A in FARMER. It’s a salmagundi of styles. Since these covers are all by the same designer (right?), my guess is that Chalawick made himself his own letter repertory (as photostat?), compiled from a number of his favorite typefaces, including Ronda, Busorama, but also Kabel/Grizzly and similar, plus modifications. The wavy L/T is special. I haven’t seen it elsewhere. It appears at least in two weights on the covers. Unless this pops up in the work of somebody else, I’m inclined to say it’s not a (commonly available) typeface.
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Thanks Florian and Stephen!