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I think it appears in other Nintendo and Japanese games as well.
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Many of these video game fonts were proprietary and not available for public use on desktop computers, and I don't know of a commercially available match for this one. Similar fonts: Chopper, Bullet, Kit.

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Thank you for your answer, but I've seen that current video games use "normal" fonts, not game-exclusive ones. I mean, you can find them in other environments. For example, in this image which, while not being from the game itself, uses the same font:
That looks like a different font to me. Can you point in your samples to exactly which type you are seeking? The “Combo” is not the same as “Puzzle & Dragons” above.
I referred to the text below the logo on that one.
Are you looking for a Japanese or Latin font?
I'm interested in the Latin part, as I don't read Japanese, but I'm pretty sure that font is from a Japanese foundry (I know about FontWorks and Morisawa).