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Font used in a quotation and jersey of Kemba Walker?

Hello. Please help me to identify the fonts used in a quotation and the USA and 23 in Kemba Walker's jersey. Hope that it's on MyFonts store. Thank you and appreciated your help!
asked by Gradient Jun 10

1 Answer

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The quote may be an older version of Upbolters.

Team jersey typefaces at this level are usually custom to the respective team, and I’m not finding a match to your sample among commercially available typefaces.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,536 points) Jun 11
Thank you kthomps5 as always, appreciated it! But Upbolters old isn't match because the font used on the quote was slightly broader and bolder. Hope I'll find the exact font 'cause I care more about the font used in quotation.