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I see this font used very often in books printed in the 1950s and 60s. It is a classic such as Baskerville or New Caledonia but I would like to know for sure...thank you!
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Appears to be Fairfield, by Rudolph Ruzicka.

The Google web font Fanwood is a revival designed for the digital age (darker/less contrast for digital screens).

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Thanks very much for your answer. Yes, the digital versions of Fairfield I have seen are very light when printed. Is Fanwood the best modern equivalent to the classic Fairfield?

Fanwood may be slightly sturdier, but I’m not sure it's necessarily the best. The designer is fairly new to the craft and the family has only two styles.

I’d also consider LfA Aluminia, a sturdy revival of Electra, which has similar qualities to Fairfield.