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Fleuron or dingbat font on an album art cover.

Fleuron Dingbat.png
Fleuron Dingbat2.png
I have been searching all over the internet to find the fleuron/dingbat attached to this message. I feel like it could be a part of a font group of fleurons or dingbats, but I just can't locate which one it is. I found this on an album art cover and I would like to use it for a few different personal projects I'm doing. Thank you in advance for any help!


asked by anonymous Mar 15, 2016

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They are actually “daggers” which you can find out more about here:

They are included in most commercial fonts. On a Mac, hit “alt + t” and you’ll get a dagger. The ones in your example have been rotated 90˚.

An example that is close to what you’ve posted would be Minion Pro Display Regular.

answered by Paulo Goode Expert (832 points) Mar 15, 2016
edited by Paulo Goode Mar 16, 2016