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high school logo that I'm recreating but original artist can't be contacted for question because she's gone off to college.

I don't want to re-ask questions, but I don't see any fonts or graphics shown on your site. Where would I view those to see if this font is there?
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Hi. We only identify typefaces here. Answers will have links to sites where you can get the fonts.
I'm confused. Was my font identified? If so, where and what? :-) Thanks!
It hasn't been yet. You will get an email notification and answers below when it is. Do you know when this logo was created?
Actually someone else just identified it as Aladin (yes, one d). :-) It was created a year or so ago. Thank you!
Should I cancel my request or delete my question now?
Glad you got an answer. Post it here as an answer.

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It is Aladin!
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