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What is this strange font? The Heart of Darkness" Barclay Crenshaw

I tried to find this font name but I can't. Thanks for your help.
asked by alircxa (112 points) Aug 4
edited by Stewf Aug 12

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I suspect it is custom by Daniel Martin Diaz, who created the art for the album.

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,548 points) Aug 4
selected by alircxa Aug 8
Thanks. Yes I'm agree with you but there is not any similar font like this?

You asked us to identify the typeface. If you were looking for similar digital typefaces, make sure to say so in your original post.

We're good at font identification, but we’re not clairvoyant.

No, I did not find anything very similar. There are a number of experimental/runic typefaces out there, but nothing I found was very close to your sample.

Vaguely similar:

BabelStone Anglo-Saxon Runic fonts

Runic fonts on FontSpace

Runic fonts on dafont

A list of runic fonts from MediaLoot

I'm sorry, you right. Thanks for taking your time.