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Those samples are from Urupês, the first edition from the Brazilian writer and editor Monteiro Lobato. My first guess is that the body font is Romana, but I'm intrigued by the /Q. I'm also trying to id the title font. I know that those books were badly printed, but I can provide more pics if needed.
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Yes, I believe this is (Anker-) Romanisch Antiqua No. 20. All the specimens we have at Fonts In Use seem to match, though none show that ‘Q’. The most accurate digital revival, Rando, does have it.

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The title is difficult because it looks like many of the generically titled “Old Style” tyepfaces from the turn of the century. Linotype’s Old Style No. 7 looks closest of those I know. But there is also Monotype’s and Linotype’s Binny Old Style, Bruce Old Style No. 31Old Style No. 1, and Old Style No. 5