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A Font often used to number Soccer Jerseys ... its called "Tri-Line" and is used by and know it as such.

I have used Matcherator and asked Fontspring - no perfect help except suggestions fromMacherator that I could not resolve TO TRI-Line style.... Help?
In the example the 1 and the 2 are quite distinct.  the 9/6 and the 8 and 5 seem to eliminate marginal matches.

From the attached examples - can anyone help identify the Font? Do all fonts have 3-line style?
asked by AP Humphries Mar 30, 2016

There is not an image attached to your post – I supposse you mean this one:

THANK YOU - I guesss I did not hit the CONTINUE button.   :)

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I do not know an exact (retail font) match for the tri-line at Here is an album with multiline fonts at Myfonts. In the album, Arya has numbers similar to the one you are looking for, though with open ends.

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) Mar 31, 2016
edited by Het Mes Mar 31, 2016