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Can anyone identify this italic?

It is from the 1913 publication La Prose du Transsibérien by Blaise Cendrars, printed in France. The type is probably FTF or Deberny & Peignot.

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Kevin got the answer below. Coincidentally, a couple years ago I started a project (screenshot below) to identify all the typefaces in La Prose, as a commission from Kitty Maryatt who produced a facsimile of the work. We only got about 20% before she had to switch strategies. She was planning to do it all with metal type, like the original, but it proved too difficult to find all the type or matrices needed so she went with a polymer plate instead.

Thanks, if Kitty commissioned it from you, I will ask her if she can share it with me. There are a surprising number of wrong font sorts interprersed in the whole poem.

I'm asking because I'm writing about it for the commentary book to a similar project, but doing an English translation of the Russian Futurist book Tango with Cows.

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Some form of Clearface I suspect, but the sample isn't sharp enough to pinpoint further.

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I don't think this is correct, the Clearface Italic f does not descend below the baseline, and the lowercase a doesn't have a little ear or whatever the correct term for it stick above the downstroke on the right side. Also it is probably something made by a French Foundry.

With a bit more digging, it might be Série 17.

You can see an italic sample here.

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Yep! Good call. Please add this as another answer.