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This is the Sky's font in Monster of Men

I need the same font or something extremely similar.
asked by anonymous Mar 30, 2016
Missing an image.
Thanks, it’s appearing now. But out of focus. Any chance you can take a better photo?

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I am pretty sure this looks like Gararond. See it in my Script Font ID Guide - near the page bottom. I recently corresponded with the designer, Pierre Di Sciullo, about the font, because I could not find it for licensing anywhere. He told me that he does not sell it anymore, and "until I change my mind I will not sell it".

At one time in the mid-90's this was part of the Creative Alliance collection licensed by AGFA-Monotype, and that was when I got it.

- Mike Yanega

answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) May 22, 2016
selected by Stewf May 22, 2016
Great to see you here, Mike! Good find. I knew I'd seen this before. Here's Pierre's personal page for Gararond:
Thanks Stewf, it's nice to find some of you guys again. I have missed the Typophile community and Mark Simonson told me you had started this site. My kind of place! You can expect to see me hanging around.

- Mike