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This is from the title page of my dad's doctoral dissertation, published at the University of Illinois in 1961. Wondering what font it is, and/or a modern equivalent, to be able to reproduce as faithfully as reasonably possible. Thanks for any help!
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This is likely Century Expanded, one of the most common metal text faces of the 20th century. Unfortunately, all the available digital versions of the typeface are based on larger sizes of the metal type (14–16pt.) — note the thin hairlines, narrow ‘o’, and long tail on the ‘a’ — whereas most of your samples text is likely set in 11–12pt. It may be good enough to do the job.



Or you could go for a similar family with a text-specific version, such as Benton Modern.


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Thanks, Stewf! Is it possible that the bottom section was in small caps? The characters look broader to me than simply a smaller point size.