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More Than Magic.png
I know there are similar fonts like, Funkydori or Candice but I'm curious what exactly is this.

Are these the same font or 2 similar scripts?

I found this on a new Target line called More Than Magic branded by Collins.
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I believe the first is lettering. Every letterform is unique. The second is not quite so sophisticated. It uses caps from Duckie and a modified lowercase from Ekamai, shown below, along with other similar fonts:







Sugar Pie



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Huh, that is a weird pairing. You are the jedi master of font identification.
I uploaded on Fonts In Use, thanks for your help!
The a in Ekamai is not the same as the a in magic. Not the g either.
You're correct. It looks like a modified version of Ekamai.

My eyes are playing tricks on me, but I do now see the subtle and not so differences in curves.
Yes, they very likely started with Ekamai and altered it. There are just too many similarities and no other font that comes close.