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Font has a spray paint look to it. It says BROSEPH in all caps. Went through all my fonts and none match up. A customer sent this to me to have a shirt made. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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Sorry, it isn’t a typeface. Hand lettering by Fieker Brothers.

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Good find, Kevin. James, the best way to mimic this is by hiring a lettering artist. if you must have a font, check out Flood, Handelson Two, and Manus.

Thanks for the find! How would I find out if this is copy written. I do not want to get into anything by making this shirt it is for a local special needs sports team.

It is most definitely copyrighted. I suggest using one of the typefaces suggested by Stewf instead, and explain to your client that you can’t—and won’t—break the law to create their shirt.

A few more suggestions:

GFY Georgio

Third Rail