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Is this from the label on a toilet cover dispenser? I've seen this too and wondered about it. I believe it is a hand lettered logo, not using a font. Soft (and some not) sans serifs with a barred I:

FF Unit Rounded

GT Pressura Mono



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Thanks for taking a stab at this.All I have is a low quality jpg sent from client, so I don't know source. I suspect this is not a hand drawn font, just a ratty jpg. FF Unit Rounded comes close.

I feel as if I should know this font, and I probably have it, but haven't used in years.

See also Output Sans.

Adding another option to the growing list: IBM Plex Sans Medium

Thanks for the suggestions. You guys are good! I was thinking this is a rounded font, but it is hard to tell from the jpg.

I think I am going to change the font, and go with a bolder font that I have. But thanks again for the searching. It is great knowing there are experts out there with passion for typography classification!