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Looks like din cond. G has bar to the left & spur. R tail & O verticals are straight. Ends of C and S angled.

asked by jfc Apr 2, 2016
How old is your sample?
Hard to say. But it's not older than 1 year for sure.

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Pathway Gothic is similar.

answered by jamesmillner Expert (1,352 points) Apr 2, 2016
selected by Paulo Goode Apr 4, 2016

Thank you. It's realy close but not a perfect match. The ends of C should be angled. Also R is slightly different. 

Sorry jamesmillner. But apparently you were right. I took a closer look at it. As the matter of fact I installed Pathway Gothic and it turned out that the ends of C are angled. So it is a perfect match after all. Thanks, you're the best. Case closed.