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This typeface has intrigued me for years. To me, it denotes Africanity. Can anyone identify?
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This is Jana, designed in 1965 for phototype. It was digitized as Rocklidge. It’s interesting to hear this denotes Africanity to you! Can you tell me more? Is it because of this specific use, or is it something about the lettershapes themselves?

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Yes, partly because of this specific use; and also because of the lettershapes themselves - I find the great/good/terrible beauty of my People reflected in this typeface. And I can imagine the folx at the much lamented Johnson Products Company feeling the same way.

It used to be commonplace to use the typeface Neuland whenever Africanity needed to be evoked. To this Blakk 51 yo Man, Neuland is OK for other purposes, but as a denoter of Africanity? HELL NO.

Thanks much for your answer. It is wholesouledly appreciated.