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Similar to Erbar and Vogue, but that R is something else...

Strange. This is a recurring set on 60's labels. Don't think the type-guys have mixed
the same letters.

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear—I meant that the R is “something else” in the sense of remarkable, not that the designer mixed and matched typefaces. If it weren’t for the R, Erbar and Vogue would be possible candidates.

But thanks for the larger, clearer samples. Still no luck on identifying its original name, but there is at least one digital typeface inspired by such labels—Recording Artist JNL (though it misses the mark on the R).


Better for the R, but worse for the S, is DynaGrotesk, a modern interpretation of some pre-Helvetica sans serifs.

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Kevin, you nailed it: It’s indeed Vogue. The condensed styles of this typeface are shown with exactly this R in McGrew’s American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century. I’m not aware of a digital version.

I really need to get myself a copy of that book.

Thanks for solving the mystery, Florian. Too bad Recording Artist JNL didn’t include that style of R...