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These are 2 fonts that I'm using on some stickers for my business, Tokyo is done in "Treasured" and Darling in "Delightful" according to the company making my stickers, but I don't know where to find them. I'm looking  because I'm having jewelry cards made up and would really live to use the same fonts. Can you please help me find where I can get them? Thanks!
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Does the sticker company have an online design tool? Can you link to it?

Not that I know of. I found them on etsy. Here's a link to the item in their shop. If you click on the name of their shop (foiled merriments) you'll go to their store's main page.
(Also, the change you made, what does it mean? Sorry, I'm new.


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Tokyo (spelled upper- and lowercase) is Aristelle Sans.

Darling is Blooming Elegant Regular.

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Amazing! Thank you!!! ☺️

You guys are awesome! ❤️☺️