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Clock Numbers.jpg
Clock Restoration.jpg
Trying to ID the font for the numbers only on this clock. I am trying to recreate the clock face. This restaurant opened in 1984. First photo is of a clock that has matching numbers to the one I'm trying to recreate. In the second, I isolated the numbers. The third shows the clock face I was given. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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The two clock faces you posted use similar, but not identical, numeral sets.

And I’m not finding a match to either one.

Numerals on clock faces and other mechanical devices rarely correspond to typefaces used for print or digital work—they are more often custom to the manufacturer.

There are resemblances to blacketter (the 7 in the second sample, for instance) and to other metal and wood typefaces of the 19th century. The first sample bears a passing resemblance to Domaine Display, by Klim.

You are already well on your way to recreating the numbers on the second sample. Do the same for the first sample, and have a designer create vector versions of both in Adobe Illustrator.
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