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I unfortunately do not have any other examples. My goal is to find a great font for a cook book that I plan to make for members of my family of my grandmother's recipes. I am looking for something vintage -- something that evokes the feeling of an old picture of your grandmother in an apron with hair curlers. I was also inspired by the image below, the colors remind me of the type of color scheme that would be in your grandmothers home, or maybe on her apron. 

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Seconding Stewf’s comment—what you posted is all hand-lettered, not typeset (note the variation among the repeating letters).


Some more vaguely similar typefaces:






Kepler Black

Maple Street






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Thanks for the suggestions!
Great picks. Especially Henriette.
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Sounds like a fun project! Your sample shows hand lettering, not a font. That said, there are many typefaces with a similar kind of ‘R’. Check out:

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