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I need to recreate this logo from only these metal signs. No digital versions are available.

Are these based on any existing fonts? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Given the age and nature of the sign (pressed or cast metal), the original type would have been hand lettered, not typeset.


The SARAO logo at that time wasn’t as compressed, and resembled Beton or Fakt Slab (you could distort either to get close to your sample). Not finding anything particularly close for CUSTOMBUILT, however.


I think you’d be better off finding a graphic designer who could use one of your images as a template for redrawing the nameplate in Adobe Illustrator.

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I will most likely have to create from scratch in Illustrator, I had hoped that the main text was based on existing fonts. The A & R seem authentic, not custom type.
What do you mean by “authentic”?
Simply feels authentic, simply based on an existing font or wood blocks.

Just doesn't seem like custom logo.
Ok, I guess I didn't understand why a custom logo would not be authentic (real).

Robert, the format of the nameplate necessitated a customization of the logo to lettering that was much wider and shorter (especially in order to accommodate the second line reading CUSTOMBUILT).

Before the age of computers, custom type like this was always hand-drawn.