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There aren't many visible characters so I have had trouble IDing it; I have found many similar fonts, but none with the exact same capital 'S'. The automated font identification websites haven't been close. Any help would be greatly appreciated; I've been tearing my hair out over this font!
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Looks like one of the Knockout weights from H+FJ. I assume Knockout 27 Junior Bantamweight. 

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Wow! Thanks. That's much closer than I've come, though it doesn't appear to be the exact  same typeface.

I found some other covers from the same author that appear to use the same font, but they have additional characters; in particular, the 'R' does not match Knockout (it also has alternate capital 'R's in some weights, but they also do not match it). I'll include them at the end.

I've been looking up 'Knockout' inspired typefaces, and I can say the other H+FJ types also aren't quite right (Champion Gothic, Ringside), though they have the same 'R' shape. Grotzec from Feliciano type is also close, but not quite right.