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Specifically, I'm looking for the font used for the words "COLOR CODE". It looks to be Clarendon, which is used throughout the manual, but I haven't been able to find a specimen with the wide, flattened "O". Additional pictures of the Buckminster Fuller manual can be found on Stephen Coles' Flickr here

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Reminds me of Volta, but that wasn’t released until 1956.

Yeah, I had trouble finding this. Volta also has a different ‘S’ that leans back. This could be hand lettering, but I will check my phototype books to see if I can find an extrawide Century/Clarendon.

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These headlines could be hand lettered, but it’s also possible that it’s one of the many phototype versions of Clarendon. Photo-Lettering, for example, offered at least two families — Clarendona and Continental Clarendon — that had very extended styles, and the latter is a pretty good match. The headlines could also be scaled after setting, though phototype manipulation was not  that common in the 1950s. That said, this booklet doesn’t show a publish date. I only assumed it was around 1956 given the style and the year of the patent mentioned in the introduction.

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Wow. Thanks Stephen! And your coment on the linked Flickr page was very helpful too.