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We are an engraving company and sometimes we have the odd customer who needs a typeface to be reproduced.

this is from a really old saloon style brandy dispenser, it huge at almost 3 feet high, and needs to be sandblast engraved onto a reproduction piece but using the same typeface (different wording) to match the original.

In order to do thi we need to know the name of it, or suggestions to something that is very similar so we can modify it where needed

thank you
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This is hand lettering, not type. I strongly recommend hiring a lettering artist to replicate it. Kevin Cantrell specializes in this style. 

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Thank you, we suspected  as much.

your answer is much appreciated  

would anyone know of a similar typeface that we could modify ourselves (Adobe Illustrator/photoshop etc)


The problem is, there isn’t anything particularly close for either among digital typefaces.


You would be better off getting as many high-res images of the original as you can find and redrawing the individual letters (and extrapolating new ones) yourself.


For OLD LIQUEUR BRANDY, Domaine Display Condensed / Domaine Display is vaguely similar. Allaina has a similar vibe.


For BOUCHERE’S, these are similar—Massel, Furius Regular, Dress Base.

Thank you for these suggestions, it’s very much appreciated. It will at least give us a base to work from in reproducing individual letters. Cheers everyone!