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I've been tasked with recreating this 1940s poster found in a train. The poster itself could either be railway or military, which might influence the typeface. It looks hand-drawn but I'm hoping it is using existing typefaces. The heading, subheadings (left), and the body of text are what I need. I've tried using the font identifiers online but they haven't worked.

I know it's quite difficult to make out the text but it's the best I can get.

Any help is appreciated.
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I think you only have two faces here—the headline and Before, Never, Apply; and the body copy. In the 1940s, this would have likely been created using metal type.


The headline and side headings are likely Grotesque No. 8, by Stephenson Blake. Bureau Grot would be a decent modern substitute.


The body copy is wider and shorter than Grotesque No. 9. Another weight / width of Bureau Grot may work for you.


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Thank you, that really helps!