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Slanted, very ornamental, and still rather strict, some say Victorian.

asked by Stig Isaksson Apr 28, 2016

I'll just add some details from your email to me earlier. This is found at the bottom of the covers (by David Pelham) of the Penguin issues of Martin Gardner’s two Lewis Carroll books, The Annotated Alice, (e. g. 1985, ISBN 01400.13873) and The Annotated Snark, (e. g. 1979, ISBN 01400.27637).

My guess is that is one of the many Victorian-era ornamental typefaces. If published in the 1970s, this was likely a phototypesetting font revival or a photostat of an old specimen.

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It appears to be Gazelle, seen on page 13 of Dan X. Solo's Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces.

Revived by Alan J. Prescott as Gallantry Roman:

Haven't been able to determine if Gallantry is still commercially available....

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,546 points) May 18, 2016
selected by Stewf May 18, 2016

Good catch! Mr. Prescott is participating in the revival program of the Type Heritage Project. Their plan is to make their revivals available for purchase sometime in the future.

Like many Solotype fonts, it is likely that Gazelle is a renamed version of a 19th-century design.

Gazelle appears to be the original name. I found it in at least one U.S. type specimen from the late 1800s.

Ok, great. Thanks for that. You’re right: Hans Reichardt credits it to Henry Schuenemann of the Cleveland Type Foundry and here it is in their 1893 and 1895 catalogs.