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I cant find screenshots of the font in the movie but if youve seen the movie I guess you'll remember. Angular, pointed. It's very similar to NeutraText, Brandon Grotesque, Arca Majora. I think it's Arca Majora but Im really not sure. Thank you very much!
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You mean this one? (I do not know its name)

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Hi Tony, just saw the movie this week. The titles you mention are obviously not the type in the picture above.

The titles were on screen too short to have a real good look, but the details (except for the straight legs of the M) looked like Futura: a narrow E and L, a B with a wider lower bowl, a wide pointed N in Berlin; the elegant S, and a R with a bit of a thigh gap between its legs. Also, some non-american texts were subtitled in what looked like Futura. I think the titles are based on Futura, but adapted.

These Futura's are not unlike the titles in the movie: Futura No. 2 and Paratype Futura.

If you are looking for something with a straight legged M, you could have a look at Battling and VF Sans.


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