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Oh Yeah! Cartoons Hobart and the Merman 0-8 screenshot.png

Here's another picture from Oh Yeah! Cartoons; it's not the end credits, but it's the same typeface from that other picture, if you remember. Now that you have the font-size bigger, do you REALLY know the name of this typeface? (Hint: I don't think it's custom, as it has both a light and bold typeface.)

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And not to be rude, but please don't take so long to respond to this. I know you're busy now. But I have faith in you! ;-)
I just contacted Fred Seibert, and he attached the fonts to me! I finally got the fonts!
Glad you got your answer. Would you be kind enough to share the name of typeface?
It just has the name "Oh Yeah".

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Sorry Jonathan, but a bigger sample isn’t going to change the answer I gave you back in September.


And custom typefaces can have as many weights and styles as the client requests and the designer creates.


I suggest you reach out to the folks at Frederator Networks Inc. or to Fred Seibert, who left the company last August and is now working independently. No guarantee that they will respond, but worth a shot.

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Wow! I never tried contacting the people behind a simple TV series, but I might have to give it a try. That is a nice idea!