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This is my logo first draft as a selfemployed consultant , graphist drop and lost the file containing fonts information

Juma signature.jpg
We have 2 differents fonts, one for "Juma" and another for "gestion durable"

The main features I like on the firts is the "a" special features which makes it stands out and the "j". On the design, the dot on the "j" is replaced by a leaf which match the forms of the fonts.

The second font was made to make a certain contraste by removing the stems and a more curvy look.

For booth I have found similar fonts, but the "a" are giving me headaches.

I already have some stuff on the way with these fonts so this would be much appreciated if you could me.

asked by Jean-François Brousseau May 2, 2016

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|juma| is Juice Bold:


|gestion durable| is Harabara Bold (demo version; commercial use requires a license):

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,300 points) May 2, 2016
selected by Tecnotronic May 2, 2016
Thank you so much for saving me, but also for the very fast answer.