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Handwritten script, thin, cursive, cute. It was on a blog

I'd like to know the top font. I tried image uploads after splitting the letters and didn't get any matches. Maybe it's handmade? I did fall in love with the "s" and "t" but a super close match would be nice as well.

The bottom font type would be helpful too but the top has top priority (:

asked by MissI Aug 9, 2015

I could only see Wendy, which isn't too far away, but not close enough, I expect.

Oops. Meant to comment, not answer:

What is the name of the blog?

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I believe this is probably handwriting, not a font. Your best bet is to hire a lettering artist to achieve this look. If you must use a font, there are some similar styles in this album.

answered by Stewf Expert (2,895 points) Jan 13, 2017