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Ames was a major department store chain that folded in 2002, but their abandoned stores have since become popular with urban explorers. I'm trying to find the typeface used for their logo.  The apex and serifs of the "A" almost look like a more polished version of Cooper Black, but the conjoining finials on the "m" and "e" and the terminals on the "s" are unique. It's definitely italic as well. 

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It is never good to assume that a logotype is a straight setting of typeface (the vast majority are not).


But you are in luck this time. With only a modest amount of modification, what you posted appears to be set in Cheltenham Extra Bold / Ultra Italic.

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Thank you, kthomps5! With a bit of tracking adjustment, it's pretty much a perfect match.

Good point, too. A lot of logotypes are custom-designed and not a pre-existing font. Something I have  encountered before, but I can see how I kind of jumped a bit quickly onto it.