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Varied width san serif

This is a layout for the World Cup issue of NY Magazine. Any idea what is the san serif?
asked by helvetica bold (136 points) May 12, 2016

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This is Giorgio Sans (Heavy) by Commercial Type. The wide O and C come with the font, the wide E is creativity by NYT Magazine. The titling alternates are not (easily) accessible in the live font preview, but you can see them in this pdf specimen.

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) May 12, 2016
selected by Tecnotronic May 12, 2016

Do i have to mark this as solved (I asked the question) and if so what do i need to do.
Hi Helvetica, you're welcome. Marking a question solved is something you can do on the WTF Forum. Here, you (or somebody else) can give a plus vote or select an answer as best. Which has been done already, so nothing more to do, except to post some more fonts you wish to have ID'ed.