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Techy San Serif found in GQ

Interesting techy font found in GQ. Any ideas to what it is?
asked by helvetica bold (136 points) May 12, 2016

1 Answer

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This is NE Sabre by Neutura. In the big text, some weight was added. It is also for sale at HypeForType, where it is called NE Saber (Rund).

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) May 13, 2016
Hmm, if this is true there were a few modifications made, such as a new ‘E’, ‘G’, ‘R’, ‘S’.

Ah, it’s Rabbit, from the same foundry.

How on earth did they and you find this!? : )

Is it a well known foundry?
Alexander McCracken’s fonts were probably most well known in the early 2000s when they were available from T-26. They are less common these days under his own Neutura label, but that rarity is something that appeals particularly to magazine art directors.

BTW, I think NE Saber was an earlier name for what is now NE Sabre. I would rely on Neutura’s own site for the latest info. (See also and we will try to update Fonts In Use with the most recent data.

Overlooked that. Thanks for correcting!