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Tall Oblique Sans Seric

asked by anonymous May 28, 2016

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Chicago, slanted by the designer of the logo.

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) May 28, 2016
selected by Tecnotronic May 28, 2016

You beat me to the correction, Het Mes.

I found Silom first, then backed into the correct ID via the Wikepedia article.

Chicago has been mothballed, evidently:

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I believe this is Chicago, an Apple/Mac font from the early 1990s, skewed to make it even more italic.

Chicago also served as the latin alphabet for the Apple Thai typefaces Krungthep and Silom:

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,536 points) May 28, 2016
edited by kthomps5 May 28, 2016